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I enjoy young adult, teen, tween novels, mostly spy books, such as Alex Rider, Jason Steed and the CHERUB series. I enjoy mounting climbing my ambition is to take on Everest.

November 2016
""Life has no remote get up and change it yourself""
reviewed: Young Bond: Shoot to Kill
Fifteen year old James Bond, recently expelled from Eton, is on a temporary stop until his aunt gets back into the country. I...
Young Bond: Shoot to Kill - Steve Cole
read and rated
reviewed: Edelweiss Pirates: Operation Einstein (Volume 1)
Great book for teens who are high school and above it is set in the time of WW2 and is fun because Author Mark A. Copper mixe...
Edelweiss Pirates: Operation Einstein (Volume 1) - Mark A. Cooper
read and rated
Tricks, the Retriever, continues to be the main character.
... but then the whole thing fell apart into a boring story that could be called, "My house's Renovation- The journal". -_- L...
reviewed: Jason Steed: Face-Off (Volume 5)
It was nice to be aquatinted with Jason Steed again after a few years gap. I started with the first book; Fledgling Jason Ste...
Jason Steed: Face-Off - Mark A. Cooper
read and rated
Here are some photos I took today: hope they cheer you guys in this very important day, for America. And for the rest of us. ...
January 2015
reviewed: Jason Steed Book 4
This series improves with age. Jason Steed goes undercover once more and old friend turns up in the wrong place. Jason is in ...
JASON STEED Royal Decree (Volume 4) - Mark A. Cooper
read and rated
read and rated
February 2014
Okay so I am a fan of young adult books and I enjoy the Alex Rider and Jason Steed novels so I was excited when book I receiv...
December 2013
“At first I wasn’t all that tempted by him, but then he killed the spider. Which was a huge point in his favor.” “Absolutely....