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I enjoy young adult, teen, tween novels, mostly spy books, such as Alex Rider, Jason Steed and the CHERUB series. I enjoy mounting climbing my ambition is to take on Everest.

SPY CAMP Stuart Gibbs

Spy Camp - Stuart Gibbs

Stuart Gibbs has slowly broken into the teen spy books scene. The first novel in the series was called Spy School, it was childish and un-believable. A guy out of nowhere turns up on the doorstep and takes away the 12 year old to go to a Private boarding school. Within an hour they leave. Yeah. 


Anyway I was not sure if I would even read Spy Camp, until I read reviews that compared it to the Alex Rider and Jason Steed series. 


This is much better, more action and plenty of adventure and more for tweens, great characters, good original story I enjoyed it. Stuart is a good writer, it good clean fun and interesting to read.