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Young Adult Spy Novels

I enjoy young adult, teen, tween novels, mostly spy books, such as Alex Rider, Jason Steed and the CHERUB series. I enjoy mounting climbing my ambition is to take on Everest.

Young James Bond

The Young Bond Series, Book One: SilverFin (A James Bond Adventure, new cover) - Charlie Higson


Here we have the story handed on a plate to Charlie Higson, "Please write the Young James Bond Novels"  So you would expect them to at the very least be as good as the Alex Rider / Jason Steed novels. Sadly the answer is no.


With a great name 'JAMES BOND' we would expect a great series, what we got was a boring account of a boy growing up in the 1930's and to help the story along and make us feel pity for the boy "lets make him an Orphan" that worked for Oliver Twist, Alex Rider, Harry Potter, Annie, Tom Sawyer, Superman, Batman, Jane Eyre, Mowgli from the Jungle book, Snow White, Huckleberry Finn and even Wolverine are all Orphans. 


Anyway, got that off my chest, the story was very slow, James goes to a rich public school and starts a group of spies. The story fell flat, the kids get spanked and bullied typical Tom Brown school days stuff. 


Overal I read it and the series, they seem to be just ok to read. But if you like teen spy books you have to read them, just don't expect to be drawn into it like you are in an Alex Rider or Jason Steed novel.