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I enjoy young adult, teen, tween novels, mostly spy books, such as Alex Rider, Jason Steed and the CHERUB series. I enjoy mounting climbing my ambition is to take on Everest.

Fledgling Jason Steed by Mark A. Cooper

Fledgling: Jason Steed - Mark A. Cooper

Every now and then a novel is written that is just perfect and here it is.


Fledgling is book 1 on the Jason Steed series, well named it starts off with Jason being born. 


Jason's mother dies giving birth, her devoted husband can't help himself, he blames the hospital for putting the life of a baby before the love of his life. The result is he buries himself in work as a British naval officer stationed in Hong Kong.


Jason is brought up by a succession of nannies, without any affection. He finally finds something to occupy himself when at age 5 he joins the local karate school. At age 10 he has mastered two disciplines at karate and Judo.


After Jason is caught 'playing on a military flight similator' he escapes by using his martial arts skills. Jason is wanted by the military police, so his father (After beating Jason) moves to the UK.


Jason starts a normal life he makes friends with Scott, a very funny character, here Jason joins the Sea Cadets. At age 11 while on a summer camp near Jakarta with the Sea Cadets, a secret mission by the Marines near by goes wrong, many of the cadets get caught up in the cross fire.


Jason is able to speak Chinese and helps a elite SAS team to translate, when the team are caught Jason is left alone on the Island and has no option than to try and complete the mission and rescue the SAS team.


I think that's enough of the plot, the story goes into top gear from here. The book is action packed, has some funny parts and some emotional scenes that will have your eyes watering.



A Tean Spy adventure novel that is also coming of age, and has a real plot and introduction to a great series. Out of all the Teen spy books I have read this is still my favorite and the most original.